Hadith Terminologies: Development and Categorisation

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This is module 6 from Seminary programme, School of Hadith (SOH). Attendee is awarded with 2 credits for this module.

Attendee can exclusively attend this module without attending prior modules. For more information about Seminary, read here.


Tuesdays, commences on 3 July 2018
7.45pm to 9.30pm
8 weeks


Std: $100 (inclusive of $20 registration/material fees)
Concession: $80 (inclusive of $20 registration/material fees)
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There are various branches of specialised knowledge that emerged from the sciences of Hadith. The study of Hadith Terminologies (Mustolah Al-Hadith) positions itself as the focal point of the Hadith discourse.

Hadith Terminologies is a fundamental tool in the formation and comprehension of the Islamic shariah. It necessitates the authenticity and veracity of the text (matn) and chain of narrators (sanad) of the Prophetic narrations. Through this science, scholars are able to distinguish between the accepted Hadith (Hadith Maqbul) and the rejected narrations (Hadith Mardud). These terminologies provide the basis for the extrapolation of rulings and the rejection of unverified evidences in the formulation of the shariah.

Participants will be exposed to the historical development of the Hadith terminologies and its meticulous categorisation. Most importantly, the relevancy of Mustolah Hadith currently in light of contemporary issues e.g., extraction of rulings via weak narrations, preservation of the deen by means of rejecting weak and fabricated narrations, Fake News through the lenses of Mustolah Hadith.




Date Topic
Week 1

The Importance and Significance of Mustolah Hadith

Week 2

History and Evolution of Mustolah Hadith

Week 3

Fundamental Terms of Hadith

Week 4

Companions and Successors

Week 5 31.7.18

Recurrent and Solitary Hadith

Week 6

The Rejected Hadith and Its Categories (Part 1)

Week 7

The Rejected Hadith and Its Categories (Part 2)

Week 8*
Online assessment (Optional)

*Week 8 is allocated for online assessment or review/revision upon student’s request. It may also be used to conduct a make-up lesson should there be any cancellations.


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  • Hadith Terminologies: Development and Categorisation
    July 3, 2018 - August 21, 2018
    7:45 pm
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