What is Alqudwah Academy / The Academy?
We are an Islamic education provider in English. We are known as Alqudwah Academy but casually referred to as the Academy.

Where is Alqudwah Academy?
We are at in 10/11 Pahang Street, Singapore. We are located in the Arab Street district, the nearest MRT would be Bugis.

How can I get in touch with Alqudwah Academy?
We would love to hear from you! You can submit your enquiries by using the contact form above or email to To get in touch with our instructors, please email us at and we will forward your email to them. We are not able to share contact details.

Who founded the Academy and when?
Hidayat bin Radja Nurul Bahri founded the Academy in 2014. We used to run our classes in a rented warehouse unit at Macpherson before renting a classroom in Joo Chiat. Hidayat's brother, Taufiq bin Radja Nurul Bahri, then joined the Academy in 2015. We relocated to Pahang Street in 2015 and shift two units away to a bigger space to accomodate our growing number of attendees.

What is the Academy's opening hours?
We do not have specific opening hours as we only open when we run our classes. The Academy generally opens at 5.30pm for its students to relax and have dinner before their session begins at 7.30pm on weeknights. We open on weekends at 10.30am. We recommend that you email us should you like to meet any of us.


What type of programmes do you offer?
We currently offer Sessions, Quran Essentials, Lifehacks, Fiqh Intesnsive and Masterclass.

For more information and a full, list of our programmes, please click on the The Academy section of our website where you can browse our programmes.

Can anyone attend your programmes or do you need to register?
You are required to register for all programs online even if it is free-of-charge. We need to gauge the number of attendees attending a free class to maintain conduciveness of the session. We also keep a record of attendees' contact details should we need to contact them for updates such as session's cancellation and announcements.

How much do programmes cost?
Fees of each programme depends on the format, length of the programme and number of attendees.

Sessions - FOC
Quran Essentials - $50 - $60
Lifehacks - $15 for 2h
Fiqh Intensive - $50
Masterclass - $50

Do you offer concession prices for your events?
We offer a 50% price reduction for programmes such as Fiqh Intensive and Masterclass for full-time students with valid ID, over-65's, un-waged and people with disabilities. Check the registration page for concession availability.

Please note that we will check your ID for proof of eligibility on arrival at event.

How long are the programmes?
Sessions - 2h with no breaks except on Sunday mornings with a 10 mins break.
Quran Essentials - 2h each tutorial (8 tutorials per module)
Lifehacks - 2h with no breaks
Fiqh Intesive / Masterclass: 5h, 30 mins refreshments break in between

How do I make payment for a programme I just booked?
An automated email with payment details will be sent to your email shortly after your details submission on the registration page. We currently only accept bank transfer mode of payment. You are required to complete the payment 48h upon your registration. We recommend that you have iBanking for ease of transaction.

Can I pay cash on the day itself?
Unfortunately, no. You have to confirm your booking by completing fees so that we can control the no. of attendees for classroom conduciveness and ordering of refreshments.

I was told there is no attendance taking for free-of-charge sessions. Can I just walk-in since the registration online is fully booked?

There is no attendance taken as the number of the attendees is huge and may cause movement disruption in our limited space. We heavily encourage that attendees are registered. We do not advise you walk-in as you would be unfair to the attendees who managed to register but had to squeeze in for a seat. You can still watch selected sessions online via our video platform on Vimeo.


I booked for a program but can’t make it now. Can I get a refund?
We require at least 3 days’ notice for cancellations for Quran Essentials, Lifehacks, Fiqh Intensive and Masterclass. Refunds cannot be made after 3 days. You are however welcome to pass the booked seat on to a friend to come in your place. Please email us at quoting your order reference number to request a refund.


Is there a cafe in the Academy? Is it open for public?
Our in-house cafe was initiated for our students who wishes to get hot/cold beverages before and during the sessions. Method of payment is pay-as-you-wish. We do not open for public yet. However, you could drop by at 5.30pm to 7.00pm as no sessions has begun yet!

Can we contribute our home-cooked/baked food for the cafe to sell?

Currently, we only serve food which we ordered by a certified food provider. We do not serve food that is not certified.


Do you rent out your space at Pahang Street?

Yes. However, we only rent on days we do not run a session.

How do we rent your space for our event?
For more information about space rental and our rates, you can email to