Quran Essentials

Quran Essentials objective is to guide its students to better their relationship with the Quran.

This is achieved by the study of 3 main Quranic sciences: tajweed, tafseer and tahfeez.

In order to fully comprehend the sciences, each science is divided into modules. Each module is designed specifically to provide the students with the necessary tools and skills to study the topics. The modules were structured systematically to assist students to progress accordingly to their level of learning abilities.

Course Instructors
Hidayat Radja Nurul Bahri
Taufiq Radja Nurul Bahri


Tajweed: Saturdays, 10.30pm to 12.30pm
Tafseer: Saturdays, 2pm to 4pm

Module Fees

Tajweed Essentials: $50 per module (8 tutorials/weeks)
Tafseer Essentials: $60 per module (8 tutorials/weeks)

Tajweed Essentials

• 2 modules (16 tutorials/weeks)

Focus of Modules
Tajweed, Makhraj, Tahseen, Relationship between Tajweed and Tafseer

Course Code


Day/Time of Tutorials
Saturdays, 10.30am - 12.30pm

Date of Commencement
13 February 2016

Tafseer Essentials

• 8 modules (64 tutorials/weeks)

Focus of Modules
Sciences of Quran, Tafseer, Basic Arabic, Tahseen & Tajweed application

Course Code

Day/Time of Tutorials
Saturdays, 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Date of Commencement
13 February 2016

Tahfeez Essentials

• 2 modules (16 tutorials/weeks)

Focus of Modules
• Focus of surah/s with merits as template for memorisation practices.
• Combining traditional and contemporary methods of memorisation.
• Using tafseer as a method of memorisation and retention.

Course Code

Date of Commencement
Approx early 2017


Course Matters
1. A module consists of 8 tutorials. Tutorials for each module are conducted once per week.
2. It is recommended that students who wish to begin with Tajweed Essentials has basic knowledge of Quranic recitation.
3. Students who wish to begin the course with Tafseer Essentials are required to be proficient in Quranic recitation.
4. There is no examination for this program.
5. An acknowledgement slip of module completion will be awarded to students who complete a module.
6. Certificate of course completion will be given to students who have completed all modules in a course. E.g.: 8 modules completion for Tafseer Essentials Course Certification.
7. Students must have an attendance not less than 70% to fulfil the module's completion requirements.
8. Students who completed all (Tajweed Essentials, Tafseer Essentials and Tahfeez Essentials) courses will be awarded with Certificate of Completion for Quran Essentials.
9. Students may join any module from the start. If student missed a previous module conducted, student may wait for a repeat of the missed module.
10. Course schedule can be downloaded here.

Payment Matters
1. Payment must be made through Internet Banking after receiving admin's email upon submitting your online registration.
2. Registration is confirmed after you have made payment and has been verified.
3. Students can opt for an installment plan. Please email to with subject heading ’Request for Installments’. Arrangement of installments: 50% before the commencement of the module (via Internet Banking) and balance of 50% on the on tutorial 5 of the module.