About Seminary

Seminary is one of our programmes dedicated to the students of knowledge who are seeking an in-depth and focused study on the fundamentals of Islamic sciences. Students will embark on a rich and deep discovery learning the roots, history, processes and toolkits which are key in understanding and practicising the religion. Seminary is specially curated based on prominent texts as references and is suitable for students who would like to dive deeper into the religion and achieve a complete and all-rounded experience.

Programme Info

Schools in the Seminary programme:
1. School of Quran
2. School of Hadith
3. School of Aqidah
4. School of Fiqh

Each school comprises of 10 modules. Students may choose to only attend a module from any of the schools or complete a school by attending all its modules.

Duration of Programme
• Weekly
• 8 weeks / tutorials
• 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Programme Fees
• Module fees: $80
• Material / admin fees: $20
* Concession available for full-time students, National Servicemen, the unwaged and over-65's.

No requirement for this programme.

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