Seminary is a modular programme that facilitates the comprehensive study of the core Islamic sciences. Seekers will embark on a journey through various sciences and key subject matters embodied within the Islamic academic tradition.

Discover the historical developments behind the Islamic sciences that we are familiar with today, and appreciate the scholars and the literature that we rely upon to facilitate our understanding of our religion.

Pick a module of your interest from one of the four schools and get ready for 8 weeks of intellectual discourse.

Programme Info

Schools in the Seminary programme:
1. School of Quran (10 modules)
2. School of Hadith (10 modules)
3. School of Aqidah (10 modules)
4. School of Fiqh (10 modules)

Students may choose to only attend a module from any of the schools or complete a school by attending all its modules.

Duration of Programme
• Weekly, 8 weeks/tutorials
• 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Programme Fees
• Module fees: $100
* Concession available for full-time secondary school and tertiary students, National-Servicemen, persons with disabilities, the unwaged and over-65's.

No requirement for this programme.