Sahl ibn Sa'ad narrated that he saw Allah's Messenger ﷺ pointing with his index and middle fingers, saying: “The time of my arrival and The Hour are like these two fingers.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Kitab At-Tafsir)

One of the essentials of our theology, is the concept of the afterlife, which is bridged to this life of ours now, through The Last Day. The final divine revelation to mankind repeatedly reminds its audience of the life after death, and the precedent resurrection of mankind, for the purpose of accountability and judgement by The All-Wise Judge, Allah. The Quran elucidates from the viewpoint of justice, inciting humans to reflect upon the distorted nature of life on Earth, instigating the hearts and minds to seek true justice, which can only come from Allah.

When The Archangel Jibril met The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the form of a human being, asking the foundational questions of this religion, Jibril asked specifically regarding the indications of The Last Day, as to when it might be, and how we can identify it. Apart from crucial discussions on the Oneness of God, the legal obligations of human beings, and matters of character development, the emergence of The Last Day holds significant weight, not only in our credal studies, but also within the holistic discourse of our religious education and curriculum.

As we move forward in our lives, trying to keep up with the effervescent developments of this buzzing world that transforms right in front of our eyes, let’s instill within our hearts, a sense of unified direction, one that would keep us attracted towards God, and towards the reality of The Last Day.


commencing 31 Dec – 18 Feb 2020
7.45pm to 9.30pm
8 weeks

Course Instructor

Ustazah Bushra Binte Habibullah


There are no prior qualifications required to attend this course. Students need not attend the previous modules to attend any Seminary modules.


Date Topic
Week 1
Introduction to Belief in The Last Day
Week 2
The Last Day: Names & Meanings
Week 3
Minor & Major Signs
Week 4
Barzakh: Death & The Grave
Week 5
Ba’ath: The Resurrection
Week 6
Mahshar: The Account – Intercession & Personal Records
Week 7
Mahshar: The Account – The Scale & The Sirat
Week 8
The Final Destination: Heaven & Hell

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