Beyond Hunger & Thirst:
The Higher Objectives of Fasting

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The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said,
“There are people who fast and get nothing from their fast except hunger, and there are those who pray and get nothing from their prayer but a sleepless night.”

– [Ibn Majah]


Fridays (5 weeks)
8pm – 9.30pm
17 Feb – 17 Mar 2023


Google Meet


Ustaz Muhammad Faizuddin Bin Fauzan


Worship is fundamentally for Allah’s sake. But unlike other forms of submission, fasting is unequivocally for Allah. The possibility to distort ones intention for fasting is spiritually improbable.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Fasting is for Me and I will personally give reward for it. [The fasting person] put aside his sexual desire, his food and drink for My sake.” [al-Bukhari]

Additionally, He ﷺ said, “Every deed of Adam’s descendants is for themselves, except fasting; it is for Me and I will reward it.” [Muslim]

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “May the man before whom I am mentioned – and he does not send Salat upon me – be humiliated. And may a man upon whom Ramadan enters and then passes, before he is forgiven, be humiliated. And may a man whose parents reached old age in his presence, and they were not a cause for his entrance to Paradise, be humiliated.” [Al-Tirmizi]

This Session strives to provide an integral guide to those who experience Ramadhan to fully reap it’s benefits. How do we fully immerse ourselves in this momentous month and similarly, how do we protect and preserve ourselves from vices that may minimise the merits from this glorious opportunity will be discussed.


This season of Sessions is based on the work of ‘Maqasid al-Swam’ (The Higher Objectives of Fasting) by sheikh Izzudin ibn ‘Abd as- Salam

PDF is available here.



Week Date Remarks/Notes
1 17/2/23
2 24/2/23
3 3/3/23
4 10/3/23
5 17/3/23


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