The Essentials,
structured for you.

Essentials is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of the fundamental of religious sciences.
Here, we learn the whys and hows of the religion while being traditionally rooted and contextually sensitive.


Tuesdays (4 weeks)
12 Sep – 3 Oct 2023
8pm – 9.30pm


Islam is widely misunderstood. Misconceptions can come from external parties and unfortunately, even lifelong Muslims sometimes believe some of these misconceptions.

Islam is a religion that instructs its followers to not simply take a “leap of faith” but rather base all of the practices and beliefs on sound knowledge and evidence.

Some Muslims have somewhat of an answer but know that a full explanation had to be somewhere in the books of Islam. It is time to explore the nuances and to find those answers. It is essential for our faith, essential for understanding our religion and essential for our interactions in a diverse community.

Dispel the myths and misconceptions that abound in an age of rampant confusion and ambiguity.

Just Four Weeks.
Our new-look course will bring you the best and most relevant discussions on the religion, all within five 4-week.
Progress, Gradually.
We begin with the ABCs and we end with knowing that God knows what we can never know. Essentials shows you the path ahead, so you know exactly where you are, and where you are heading towards.
Inherit The Tradition.
The Muslim community needs to reconnect with our religious academic heritage. With Essentials, we learn from our rich history, the scholars and their works.