The Essentials,
structured for you.

Essentials is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of the fundamental of religious sciences.
Here, we learn the whys and hows of the religion while being traditionally rooted and contextually sensitive.


Thursdays (4 weeks)
1 Dec – 22 Dec 2022
8pm – 9.30pm


Love and companionship is an essential element of human life that brings us joy and bringing out the best version of us. God sent down love and tranquility into our hearts so that we can seek happiness, ultimately, prosperity and success. The nurturing of love between two souls is not only imperative for individual success, but also, for the success of The Muslim Ummah.

A Muslim marriage seeks to empower all individuals with God’s comprehensive tranquility, encompassing the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions of mankind. Discover love and its philosophy, ethics and rulings that underpin a successful Muslim marriage.

Just Four Weeks.
Our new-look course will bring you the best and most relevant discussions on the religion, all within five 4-week.
Progress, Gradually.
We begin with the ABCs and we end with knowing that God knows what we can never know. Essentials shows you the path ahead, so you know exactly where you are, and where you are heading towards.
Inherit The Tradition.
The Muslim community needs to reconnect with our religious academic heritage. With Essentials, we learn from our rich history, the scholars and their works.