“And whoever obeys Allah and The Messenger, surely, they will be in the company of those who are blessed by Allah. The Prophets, The People of Truth, The Martyrs, and The Righteous.
 Such amazing friends they are!” (Surah An-Nisa-, Ayat 69)

This religion of ours has been carefully curated for us by God, and delivered to us through barriers of space and time, by the people who are in love with God. Those who follow in the footsteps of The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ continue to uphold his legacy, by delivering truth to the people, with the hope of seeking the highest companionship with God. These are the people of truth, and the people of wisdom.

The people of God-consciousness are our role models. It is upon us to study their lives, and to extract from them the characteristics and life experiences that have made them achieve success that transcends this world. The most prominent of them all, apart from The Prophets of God, are the disciples of The Prophets. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had exceptional companions who lived through his journey of Prophethood, witnessing both the zenith of his calling towards God, and the constant aggression from the deniers of truth.

Despite their struggles, the believers persevered, to seek the love of God, through knowledge and the conscious refinement of their souls. Within the records of classical Islamic history, we can find accounts of scholars who have triumphed through tough tests of faith that are quite simply unimaginable for us. Their stories serve as a reminder, so that we are aware of our faith, and our relentless pursuit of the love of God.

Let’s be friends, with those who are friends of God.


commencing 25 Feb – 14 Apr 2020
7.45pm to 9.30pm
8 weeks

Course Instructor

Ustazah Bushra Binte Habibullah


There are no prior qualifications required to attend this course. Students need not attend the previous modules to attend any Seminary modules.


Date Topic
Week 1
The Ummah after The Prophet’s ﷺ demise
Week 2
Ta’rif As-Sahabah: Who are The Companions?
Week 3
Tabaqat As-Sahabah: The Hierarchy of The Companions
Week 4
The Immense Contribution of The Companions
Week 5
Our Responsibilities towards The Companions
Week 6
Al-Awliya-: Definition & Understanding
Week 7
Mu’jizah & Karamah: Miracles & Extraordinary Stories
Week 8
A Conclusive Understanding of Pious People

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