Abu Hurayrah narrated that Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said:
 “A strong believer is better and more lovable to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in everyone. Cherish the things that truly benefit you. Seek help from Allah and do not lose your willpower. If something bad happens to you, don’t say: “If only I had done such and such, then this bad thing wouldn’t have happened to me…”
 But say: “Allah willed for it, and He does what He wills.” Because, surely, the phrase “if only”, opens the gates for Shaytan’s work.”

– [Sahih Muslim, Kitab Al-Qadr]

Strength is what makes us overcome obstacles in life, and it is necessary for every person of faith to seek some form of strength to pursue greater meaning in life, by proving ourselves to God of our true faith and love for Him. Strength, is not only physical, as inner strength usually brings us forward in life, more often than physical strength would. That being said, physical strength also carries importance, as it grants us the opportunity to do more good than one who is inferior in terms of physical strength.

One who is strong and healthy would find that physical acts of worship would be easier to perform. He or she can spend more effort and energy in doing good works, be it to benefit oneself, or to contribute to the growth of the society at large. However, at times, as Muslims seeking to please God in more ways than one, we might have overlooked the importance of strengthening up, especially physically.

Join Ustaz Tamliikhaa as he shares with us how physical strength can potentially bring us towards a fulfilling life that God acknowledges us and rewards us for. Let’s get stronger, and let’s get closer to God.


1 May 2021
2pm – 3:30pm


Google Meet

*Tentatively, the course will be uploaded on AQATV app in the future.


Ustaz Tamliikhaa Khamsani


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