Jundub ibn 'Abdillah said: “We were with The Prophet ﷺ and we were strong youth.
 So, we learned faith before we learned The Quran.
 Then, we learned The Quran, and thus, our faith increased.” (Sunan ibn Majah, Kitab Al-Muqaddimah)

The role of the youth in society is one that is intriguing and fascinating. Embodying the spirit and energy of humanity, they are committed to action, with their passion fuelling them to think and act with zeal. With their great drive to engage with their surroundings, they have a massive influence on our community, and how we function as a collective.

The youth are blessed with numerous opportunities to explore different fields in which they can participate in and contribute to. Their endless discovery of their personal interests and the world around them, brings them to the realization of truth. Being woke about the truth, the enlightened youth of a people decide to stand up for what they believe to be true. The youth at the time of The Prophet ﷺ were no different.

The Prophet ﷺ identified the youth of his community, and delegated to them important roles and responsibilities that would facilitate societal development. The young companions felt a sense of belonging to the mission of The Prophet ﷺ, inspiring them to do more than what others would do, because they knew that they could contribute immensely to the Prophetic cause. The youth of their time, never felt left behind. They were always part of the action.

It’s time to put our great energy and zeal, to uphold the legacy of The Prophet ﷺ, because that’s the real deal.


2 weeks, commencing on 5 – 12 Dec
7.45pm – 9.30pm


Ustaz Muhammad Faizuddin Bin Fauzan


The facilitator will use his presentation slides to share his notes with students.


Hadith On Youth 5.12.19
Hadith On Youth 12.12.19

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