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‘Amr ibn Al-‘As narrated that he heard The Messenger of Allah ﷺ say: “When a judge gives a ruling, after having tried his best to arrive at the correct decision, and achieves the correct conclusion, there are two rewards for him. And if he gives a ruling, after having tried his best to arrive at the correct decision, but makes a mistake, there is one reward for him.”

– (Sahih Muslim, Kitab Al-Aqdhiyah)

The sciences of Islamic law and its maxims can be complex, especially for one who is not acquainted with the foundational tools and methods of deriving legal rulings from the textual and rational sources of the religion. What is more imperative for us to understand, is that this science we study today, is a result of historical developments in thought and real-world advancements. Realizing and internalizing this development is key for us to appreciate the branches of Islamic law, and how they all work in tandem to formulate a holisitic system of law that governs the human mind and soul towards its Creator.

During the time of The Prophet, Muhammad ﷺ, Fiqh was essentially as easy as clarifying doubts with The Prophet ﷺ. After the time of the Prophet ﷺ, The Companions had to initiate a collection of the legal thoughts of the Prophet ﷺ, deriving key principles and methods in the deduction of Islamic law. This movement lead to the natural expansion of the science, giving birth to schools that codified legal theories and mechanisms, in order to reach clarity in matters of the divine law.

Even today, the sciences of Islamic law continue to grow, reform and transform, with the rise of new-age complications and social implications. Prepare yourself for a journey through history, to decode Islamic legal theory, seeking a better future for humanity.


Thursdays, commencing 22 Aug 2019
7.45pm to 9.30pm
8 weeks

Course Instructor

Ustaz Taufiq bin Radja Nurul Bahri


There are no prior qualifications required to attend this course. Students need not attend the previous modules to attend any Seminary modules.


Date Theme
Week 1
Introduction to The History of Islamic Law
Week 2
The Foundations: Fiqh in The Prophetic Age
Week 3
The Problem-Solving Era: Fiqh & The Companions
Week 4
Fiqh Codified: The Epoch of Legal Schools
Week 5
The Synthesis: Traditional & Rational Methods in Fiqh
Week 6
The Zenith: The Development of Legal Schools
Week 7
The Fall: Fanaticism & The Removal of Thought
Week 8
Fiqh Today: New Issues & The Need for Expertise

Please note that instructor may wish to do a make-up session should there be any cancellations in the above dates on 17.10.19.


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