Dispelling Untruths, Reinforcing Belief

Note: This is an online-only course. Course will be conducted on Youtube Livestream.


Tuesdays (4 weeks)
12 Sep – 3 Oct 2023
8pm – 9.30pm


Online: YouTube Livestream (Private)

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Ustaz Taufiq Bin Radja Nurul Bahri


“Do not follow what you have no ‘sure’ knowledge of. Indeed, all will be called to account for ‘their’ hearing, sight, and intellect.”

– [Al-Isra’ : 36]

Islam is widely misunderstood. Misconceptions can come from external parties and unfortunately, even lifelong Muslims sometimes believe some of these misconceptions.

Islam is a religion that instructs its followers to not simply take a “leap of faith” but rather base all of the practices and beliefs on sound knowledge and evidence.

Some Muslims have somewhat of an answer but know that a full explanation had to be somewhere in the books of Islam. It is time to explore the nuances and to find those answers. It is essential for our faith, essential for understanding our religion and essential for our interactions in a diverse community. Dispel the myths and misconceptions that abound in an age of rampant confusion and ambiguity.

Topics Covered

Misconceptions around the Quran
• Is the Quran truly the word of God?
• Is the Quran perfectly transmitted and preserved?

Misconceptions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
• How do we know that he is truly a prophet?
• Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and wars
• The age of ‘Aisyah when she married the Prophet ﷺ
• How is the hadith perfectly transmitted and preserved?

Other misconceptions
• Is Islam anti-science?
• Oppression of women in Islam
• Islam is a monolithic culture


Tutorial Date
1 12/9/23
2 19/9/23
3 26/9/23
4 3/10/23


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