Oh believers! Fear Allah, and give up outstanding interest if you are indeed true believers. If you do not, then beware of a war with Allah and His Messenger! But if you repent, you may retain your principal — neither inflicting nor suffering harm. If it is difficult for someone to repay a debt, postpone it until a time of ease. And if you waive it as an act of charity, it will be better for you, if only you knew.

– [Surah Al-Baqarah, Ayat 278 – 280]


Thursdays, commences on 6 Jan 2022
7.45pm – 9.30pm
4 weeks


Ustaz Taufiq Bin Radja Nurul Bahri


Money makes the world go round. Really?

There is something about money and wealth that immediately triggers the human mind, to begin thinking about its importance and significance in this world. All of us need to sustain ourselves in this world, and wealth is a necessary medium through which we are able to obtain what is necessary for us and to give up what we have of surplus. However, the direction that mankind is headed towards shows us that we, the human race, see money as more than just a tool or currency that helps us to share resources collectively in its most efficient manner.

Money has been used as a tool of oppression. Money has been used as a bait for many deceptions. Money has been the reason for countless deaths and diseases. What has mankind done with wealth that has made money such a destructive force in this world?

The human desire to own and collect as much wealth as possible has turned life into a rat race for most of mankind, whereas the filthy rich stay locked in their own elite bubbles to ignore the plight of those who suffer through their oppression.

Money might make the world go round, but without the legal and ethical considerations brought to light by Islam, money can turn our world upside down, as we evidently witness today.

Let’s talk about money, as Muslims, with Ustaz Taufiq.


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Week 1 6.1.22
Week 2 13.1.22
Week 3 20.1.22
Week 4 27.1.22


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