From Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “If it wasn’t going to be difficult for my Ummah, I would have commanded them to use the Siwak, upon every prayer.” Sunan An-Nasa-i, Kitab At-Taharah

The study of Islamic legislation is usually listed in a simplistic manner that facilitates action. We see books that are termed as “manuals of Fiqh”, that are accessible and easily applicable for the everyday Muslim. But what goes on behind the mind of a jurist who is decoding the law of God? What are the thought processes that run behind the scenes while we see the conclusive ruling listed on paper?

The study of Islamic law relies heavily upon Hadith, the second undisputed textual source of the religion, which embodies the Prophetic practice that has been codified into books and chapters that illustrate every single aspect of The Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ life. A voluminous amount of the Hadith of The Prophet ﷺ speaks about the comprehensive essence of the Islamic legal discourse. This is where the study of Fiqh leaves its comfort zone and enters into the realm of Hadith sciences.

Let’s switch vantage points as we view the legality of the religion, through the dynamism of Prophetic wisdoms. This season of Sessions will be based on Imam ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalani’s work, titled “Bulugh Al-Maram.


12 weeks (5 Sep – 21 Nov 2019)
7.45pm – 9.30pm

Course Instructor

Ustaz Ahmad Mundzir


Sessions are for everyone. There are no prior qualifications required to attend Sessions.


Week 1 5.9.19
Week 2 12.9.19
Week 3 19.9.19
Week 4 26.9.19
Week 5 3.10.19
Week 6 10.10.19
Week 7 17.10.19
Week 8 24.10.19
Week 9 31.10.19
Week 10 7.11.19
Week 11 14.11.19
Week 12 21.11.19
Break 28.11.19

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This season of Sessions will be based on Imam ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalani’s work, titled “Bulugh Al-Maram“.

You can download the PDF copy of Bulugh Al-Maram using the link below: