“Oh Community of Jin and Mankind, if you are able to break through beyond the regions of the heavens and the earth, then do so! You will never be able to break through, except for, with Our authority.
– Surah Ar-Rahman, Ayat 33

The development of knowledge and sciences is a necessary requirement for the continuous growth and adaptation of mankind towards his environment. Humanity has seen a surge in new advancements, beneficial research and groundbreaking innovation that has catapulted the world into an era of technological reliance. For good or for evil, we find ourselves overloaded with both constructive and destructive information, right from the get go.

The world of science has formulated its own sets of theories and notions, based upon practical and logical deliberations of thought. The human mind has exerted itself in trying to understand the nature of this world through its perceptive sensors. But one can wonder, has science evolved to a stature of being the only source of the truth? Can science answer every question that can ever exist?

Divine revelation encompasses the language of human intellectuality, seeking to tickle human minds to think beyond what is apparent and tangible, leading in to ideas of seemingly unrelatable realities. So, how does The Quran comply with science? And how well does science comply with The Quran? Every Muslim thinker should consider this question in a nuanced manner.

The reaction of religious scholars towards the modern surge in scientific studies have been numerous. Of them, outward rejection, overwhelming acceptance and most interestingly, informed infusions. Seeking to intertwine scientific thoughts with Quranic lessons, the new-age Muslim academia has seen multiple approaches in attempts to reconcile divine revelation from God and the human deliberation of thought.

Points of discussion include:

• In Light of Science: Understanding The Quran & Scientific Discourse
• Affirmations & Contradictions: The Coherence Between Science & Revelation
• The Typology of Heresy: A Categorization of Bid’ah & its Various Manifestations Across Religious Sciences
Scientific Miracles of The Quran: Fact or Myth?
• A Question of Veracity: Cross-Validation of Science & Scripture

This MasterClass, we synchronize the ideas of scientific functions and religious notions, placing the various fields of thought at their rightful stations, and identifying the areas of conformity between human thought and the divine word.


Sunday, 24 Nov 2019
2pm – 7pm

Course Instructor

Ustaz Taufiq bin Radja Nurul Bahri


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