“Neither their meat nor blood reaches Allah. Rather, it is your piety that reaches Him. This is how He has subjected them to you so that you may proclaim the greatness of Allah for what He has guided you to, and give good news to the good-doers.”
– (Surah Al-Hajj, Ayat 37)

What does sacrifice actually mean?

It is rather difficult for all of us to really understand what true sacrifice entails, as we might have all gone through vastly different experiences in life. Some of us might have had to sacrifice more than others. So, how do we make sense of the concept of sacrifice in our lives, as servants of God and servants of humanity?

We might have sacrificed many things in life to achieve specific goals, either for our self-betterment, or for some benefit that we foresee in the future. How does the idea of sacrifice fit in within the relationship we have with Allah? What do we want to achieve through sacrificing for Allah?

Allah shares with us, how Qurban, is a manifestation of our faith and Taqwa. The word Qurban shares its etymological roots with the word that means closeness. Allah says, to any caller who calls upon Him: “Indeed, I am near.”

This Dhul-Hijjah, we sacrifice, we get closer to God, and we let our Taqwa reach Allah.



Ternate, Maluku (Indonesia)

All of the meat will be distributed to the needy in the community.

Proof of Qurban consisting of photo and e-certificate will be either emailed/ WhatsApped to you.

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