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He was the first male recipient of the divine message conveyed by The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and he accepted the message wholeheartedly.

Without a shadow of a doubt, he believed. When the miraculous ascension of The Prophet ﷺ took place, skepticism arose amongst the hearts that testified faith, but he believed, without any question. If his faith was measured by the scales, it would outweigh the faith of all believers. He was the first to lead the people in times of despair, and he was rightfully the first Khalifah of the post-Muhammadan Muslim community. He is ‘Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafah, the man we know as Abu Bakr As-Siddiq.

The Hijri calendar system was initiated by the second rightly-guided caliph of Islam, and his achievements in the field of law and order set up the building blocks for a thriving Muslim nation to grow and flourish. He placed the foundations of success for future generations of Muslims to establish themselves as a leading civilization of their times, both spiritually and intellectually. His character and charisma was thoroughly, unmatched, and he even received high praise from The Prophet ﷺ who proclaimed that if there were to be another Prophet before the ends of times, it could only be him. And he is ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab.

These historical figures from our rich heritage have left behind tales of success that drive us towards building our own legacy as a Muslim community. We will never see another Abu Bakr or ‘Umar, but we will always look up to them as some of the greatest Muslim role models, for us to build our own personal blueprint for success. Well, God sent us all here, so that we manifest our inner caliph.

This season of Sessions will be based on Imam Jalal Ad-Din As-Suyuti’s work, titled “Tarikh Al-Khulafa-“.


commencing on 26 Oct
7.45pm – 8.45pm
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Ustaz Taufiq bin Radja Nurul Bahri


Week 1 26.10.20 Livestream
Week 2 2.11.20 Livestream
Week 3 9.11.20 TBC
Week 4 16.11.20 TBC
Week 5 23.11.20 TBC
Week 6 30.11.20 TBC
Week 7 7.12.20 TBC
Week 8 14.12.20 TBC
Week 9 21.12.20 TBC
28.12.20 Break
Week 10 4.1.21 TBC
Week 11 11.1.21 TBC
Week 12 18.1.21 TBC



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You can download the PDF copy of The History Of The Khalifah (Tarikh Al-Khulafa) by Imam Jalal Ad-Din As-Suyuti using the link below: