We believe anyone, and everyone, should begin their journey towards knowing God and knowing how you seek God, accessible. 

One of the reasons behind the accessibility of our Sessions, is you. Your constant support for Sessions, and countless sponsorships, have allowed us to continue Sessions, keeping it fees-as-you-wish or none, so that everyone can join us in our first steps towards God.

Support-A-Session is $200 for each session, but you can contribute in denomination of $100 / $200 / $300 so on and so forth.

Note: We prefer PayNow / Bank transfer as there are no processing fees (the app below charges about 4%~ of processing fees) but we understand if you prefer to use your debit/credit card which may be more convenient. However, we strongly encourage that you do a PayNow / Bank transfer if you are contributing above $1000. Scroll down for bank transfer method.

Sponsor-A-Session via Debit / Credit Card ↓

Sponsor-A-Session via Bank Transfer instead ↓

  1. DBS digital/current account no. 003-954778-1 or
  2. PayNow to UEN no. T13LL2451C
  3. Scan & pay the QR code below.

    Important: Reference your transaction ‘SAS or Sponsor a Session‘ so that we can record accordingly.
  4. Submit proof of transaction here so we can receipt you ↓.
Please provide your email if you wish to receive receipt of acknowledgement.
Please provide email if you wish to be receive a receipt of acknowledgement.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Upload your payment proof here. Alternatively, you may WhatsApp the payment proof to 90177371.