The religion,
structured for you.

Our religion is more than just the practices and rulings the world sees.
Seminary is for inquisitive minds that seek God, by asking the whys and hows of the religion.


Just Four Weeks.
Our new-look Seminary brings you the best and most relevant discussions on the religion, all within five 4-week modules in a school. New modules every month. You have a lot more to look forward to now.
Progress, Gradually.
We begin with the ABCs and we end with knowing that God knows what we can never know. Seminary shows you the path ahead, so you know exactly where you are, and where you are heading towards.
Inherit The Tradition.
The Muslim community needs to reconnect with our religious academic heritage. With Seminary, we learn from our rich history, the scholars and their works.
Missed a module?
No worries, it will all be available on AQATV. Download the app and subscribe now to get all of our Seminary modules, and more.