They set up equals to Allah to mislead (others) from His Way. Say (Oh Prophet): “Enjoy yourselves! Surely, your destination is The Fire.” (Surah Ibrahim, Ayat 30)

Note: Due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, tutorials will be conducted via Google Meet (online).

The line between faith and disbelief has been made clear by God’s revelation, and further emphasized through the Prophetic curriculum. The Quran mentions multiple instances of prior communities and their battle against false beliefs about God, compiling their seemingly logical reasoning and emotional attachment towards self-made theories about The Divine. The Quran engages minds to consider the crystal-clear evidences of the true nature of The Most High, while dismantling the doubts and deviations of those who seek to distort the religion through the propagation of falsehood.

The challenges of past civilizations and their struggles in grasping the reality of Tawhid is mentioned so that we can take heed and learn from history. However, we know that history, at least at times, repeats itself. The prominence of false beliefs about God still remain rooted within the community, due to a multitude of factors that differ across the various demographics of the global human population. This imperative matter requires heightened awareness and comprehensive education, so that we can all practise faith, the way it has been mandated by God.

Reaching sound faith requires clarity of thought and purity of heart, and knowledge forms a solid base for faith to flourish within the human self. While it is apparent that affirming the truth of the religion by establishing its pillars and objectives is necessary, one should also realize that filtering out false conceptions and excluding them from the religious discourse is of utmost importance to ensure that the religion is free from the flawed and insipid fabrications of mankind.

Welcome back to School of Aqidah. Let’s strive to reach the sweetness of faith, by purifying it from falsehood.


commencing on 23 June – 11 Aug 2020
7.45pm to 9.30pm
8 weeks

Note: Due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, tutorials will be conducted via Google Meet (online).

Course Instructor

Ustaz Taufiq Bin Radja Nurul Bahri


• There are no prior qualifications required to attend this course.
• Registrants are required to have access to internet on the day of tutorials. We will email an invitation link to all registrants 1 day prior to the course.


Date Topic
Week 1
Shirk: Definition & Understandings
Week 2
Pertinent Perimeters: Invalidators of Faith
Week 3
Major & Minor Shirk
Week 4
Black Magic & The Evil Eye
Week 5
The History of Idolatry & Polytheism
Week 6
What is Khurafat?
Week 7
Protection from False Beliefs: Knowledge & Caution
Week 8
Reflections on Seeking Pure Faith

Please note that instructor may wish to do a make-up tutorial should there be any cancellations.


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