Solat Essentials
For Ladies

Note: This is a hybrid session. Session will be conducted physically at Centropod and livestreamed online on Meet.

“Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves.”

– [Al-Baqarah: 222]


Saturdays (4 weeks)
14 Jan – 4 Feb 2023
10.30am – 12pm


80 Changi Road #05-16
Centropod @ Changi
Singapore 419715
*Basement carpark available.

*For physical sessions, we would confirm and proceed to conduct it physically our new venue with 10 or more physical attendees registrations insyaAllah. Refreshments provided!

Online: Google Meet

Google Meet can be accessed via laptop or any mobile devices. If you are using mobile devices, you will be required to access using a Gmail account. You may create a free Gmail account if you are accessing it from your mobile.


Ustazah Nur Hidayah Binte Azman


We pray, everyday.

Prayer is something we are so accustomed to and familiar with, yet, at times, it feels difficult for us to really immerse ourselves in it. Solat becomes merely a periodic, monotonous & mindless series of movements and incantations.

The cure to such shortcomings in prayer, is constant learning and thinking. Knowledge of the intricacies of prayer aids us in our ability to attain a state of consciousness and humility in front of God, allowing us to transparently communicate our realities with The All-Hearing. The actions and words in prayer lead us towards reaching that station of connection with Allah.

Throughout the sessions, we begin to survey the acts and rituals that we practise each day. Exposing ourselves to the practices of the Prophet ﷺ through the study if his sunnah and the edicts of the scholars, so that we are conscious of our actions and refine our conversations with God.


Tutorial Date Topic
1 14/1/23 • Niyyat: Importance, rulings & mannerisms
• Takbir: Types of Takbir & The rulings of raising the hands
2 21/1/22 • Al-Fatihah: The rulings of reciting al-Fatihah for the Imam & Ma’mum
• Surah: The recitations of the Prophet & the minimum recitation required
3 28/1/23 • Ruku’ & I’tidal: The mannerism of Ruku’/I’tidal & the recitations
• Sujud: The mannerism of Sujud, its recitation and the prohibitions
4 4/2/23 • Sitting: The types of sitting & the recitations
• Tahiyyat & Salam: The rulings & recitations of Tasyahhud & Selawat


Meet recordings are made available within 1-2 working days from day of the tutorial. Recordings will be an online-access only for 30 days from the conclusion of this course. Subsequently, recordings will be processed and edited and uploaded on AQATV app (monthly subscription).


Standard: $45
Concession: $35

1. Concessions are valid for full-time students, NSFs, senior citizens aged above 65, the unwaged, people of disabilities and those require financial aid. If you need a full concession, register your type of attendance and reply to the registration email that you would like to request for a full concession!

2. Payments (to be made after registering) of any amount may with the following methods:
Bank transfer to DBS digital/current bank account no. 003-954778-1 or PayNow to UEN no. T13LL2451C.
IMPORTANT: Reference ‘Essentials‘ during the transaction.

3. Students are required to complete payment of fees within 48 hours after online registration. Registration will only be confirmed upon completion of payment. Please email us for payment extension.

4. Instalment plan available. 
You may drop us an e-mail ( to request for an instalment payment plan after registering.


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