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Simak ibn Harb said: “I asked Jabir ibn Samurah: “Did you use to sit with Allah’s Messenger ﷺ?” He said: “Yes. When Allah’s Messenger ﷺ had prayed Fajr, he would remain seated at his prayer place, until the sun had risen. His companions would have conversations, remembering the times of Jahiliyyah, and they would recite poetry, and they would laugh, and he ﷺ would smile.”
– (Sunan An-Nasa-i, Kitab As-Sahw)

The idea of conviction and adherence to the religion is perceived to be a pragmatic and sombre matter, putting off some from the discussion of religion, unfortunately at times, altogether. However, a brief, thoughtful glimpse into the textual scriptures of Islam reveal that religious thought and practices are heavily intertwined with a plethora of human feelings and emotions. Indeed, the thorough reading of the divine texts would convince anyone that this religion is not just a mere list of rules that seemingly disregard human emotions, but rather, one learns that the religion shapes human emotions to bring the very best out of each individual.

The Quran is not only God’s speech that has been unveiled for mankind, but rather, it is also a form of divine communication that carefully considers every facet of human emotion and experience. Further elucidating The Quran, The Hadith tradition emphasizes that religious thought is undoubtedly, and strongly, linked to the human living experience. The study of The Prophet ﷺ and his community paints a portrait, with variant hues that showcase the intimacy between human life and God’s religion.

The exemplar of humanity, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, was human. His life experiences offer us relatable and significant references for us to draw parallels to, as we seek to replicate his values and morals in our own lives. His journey as a person of society, and as a man upholding divine responsibility, is especially intriguing for all of us to study. What is more astonishing, is his human nature that we seem to forget at times, discounting the reality that he experiences life, just as we do.

Points Of Discussion Include:

• Human Emotions in The Quran & The Hadith of The Prophet ﷺ Muhammad
• The Prophet’s Tears: Moments That Made Him ﷺ Cry
• The Humour & The Giggles: What Made The Prophet ﷺ Laugh?
• Prophetic Medicine: Revisiting Definitions & Concepts
• The Mastering of Our Emotions: An Islamic Perspective

He smiled, he laughed, he cried. He left us, with only one emotion lasting all this while. One aim, to please The One above. One emotion, that constantly reverberates, and that emotion, from Him to us, is love.

This MasterClass, we look into the human emotions of the best of all creation.


Sunday, 30 Aug
2pm – 5pm
This course will be conducted online on Google Meet.


Ustaz Taufiq bin Radja Nurul Bahri


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