Muhammad is no more than a messenger. Other messengers have gone before him. If he were to die or to be killed, would you regress into disbelief? Those who do so will not harm Allah whatsoever. And Allah will reward those who are grateful. – Surah Ali ‘Imran, Ayat 144

The demise of The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ brought out two unexpected reactions from two of the most distinct figures of the early history of our Ummah. What happens when God decides to end the seal of all revelations with the death of the final Prophet sent for humanity? How will the community react to that situation?

What did the Prophet ﷺ leave behind for us to continue his legacy? What are the key instructions and commandments from him that we should never forget? What was he ﷺ most concerned about with regards to our future? These questions strike a chord within hearts of ﷺ the faithful, as we remind ourselves of our duty towards The Prophet and our predefined covenant with Allah, with regards to our
responsibility towards our life, here and in the hereafter.

The Prophet ﷺ had entered Makkah with a strong community, seeking the blessings of Allah through the pilgrimage, and re-establishing the true foundations of faith initially set by his ancestral father, Prophet Ibrahim. The subsequent revelation of Surah An-Nasr indicated that his Prophetic task was complete. And that meant that it was time for him .to be re-united with The Most High.

Let’s flow through the full narrative of the last days of The Prophet ﷺ learning from the best of examples, seeking the closeness and the love of The Most High, and understanding the magnitude of the Prophet’s ﷺ task. With that, we, as a community, can take consistent steps in our lives to create a bright future for the community of The Prophet ﷺ just as he had hoped and prayed for.

Points of discussion include:

• The Farewell Sermon: The Ultimate Admonition to The Final Ummah
• The Love of The Most High: Invocations & Supplications of The Prophet ﷺ during His Last Days
• The Unfolding of Events: From The Farewell Pilgrimage to His Last Breath
• The Real Last Words of Al-Mustafa ﷺ: A Collection of Authentic Narrations on The Final Words of The Prophet ﷺ
• The Companions’ Response: Coping With Reality & Moving Forward

This MasterClass, we immerse ourselves in a comprehensive journey of the last days of The Prophet ﷺ, extracting the key learning points for our personal and communal development, inculcating within ourselves the intimate acts of worship to seek God’s love, and forging a legacy of our own as The Prophet’s ﷺ Ummah.


28 Sep 2019
9am – 5pm

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