“And [remember] when We took a covenant from The Prophets, as well as from you [Prophet Muhammad ﷺ], and from Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, and ‘Isa, the son of Maryam. We took a solemn covenant from them.”
– [Surah Al-Ahzab, Ayat 7]


Sunday, 26 Sep 2021
2pm – 5pm
This course will be conducted online on Google Meet.


Ustaz Taufiq bin Radja Nurul Bahri


Real role models are those who have left a legacy that never fades, and from amongst the Prophets of God, there are five who have etched their lives in stone, for us to look up to, as the pinnacle of faith and humanity. God shares with us various accounts of the intense nature of Prophetic struggles and efforts to uphold the truth, in times of ease and adversity. The stories of these real heroes are documented to cultivate wisdom and thought for all servants of God, till eternity.

Studying the stories behind our beloved Prophets lets some light into our hearts, to enliven the spirits of our soul, and to encourage us to follow in the footsteps of all of our righteous predecessors. Our struggles seem little in light of theirs, and as a result, we find ease, peace and calmness, knowing that the paths forged by The Prophets will lead us, inevitably, towards The Light of God.

The five Prophets who are referred to as The Ulul ‘Azmi form the nucleus of our study in this brand new MasterClass. We learn about the best of people, even if we may be far away from their standards, because the only way forward for us to find success, is to look up to the best, and strive to achieve something that resembles, at least vaguely, the legacy that they have left.

Points Of Discussion Include:

• The Perseverance of Prophet Nuh
• The Legacy Built By Prophet Ibrahim
• The Chivalry of Prophet Musa
• The Asceticism of Prophet ‘Isa
• The Mercy of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

These five Prophets hold a special place in the hearts of all believers, for their awesome personalities and their immense contribution in building ever-lasting faith for humanity, past, present and future.

This MasterClass, we look at five beloved Prophets of God who have their names and their stories carved into the history books for all of us to gain inspiration from, to build our journey of faith. It’s their legacy that we inherit and seek energy from.


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