Abu Hurayrah narrated that Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said: “When the judge passes a judgement in which he strived and was correct, for that, he receives two rewards. And when he judges and is mistaken, for that, he receives one reward.”

– [Jami’ At-Tirmidhi, Kitab Al-Ahkam]

The study of Islamic Law is not something that is self-explanatory and easily understood by anyone who reads our religious scriptures. There is an entire legal framework that houses all of the various elements of significance within Islamic law, enabling us to identify our sources, our objectives and all relevant considerations so that we can engage in the process of seeking truth, through an organized and systemic manner, which promises to lead us towards the best and most appropriate understandings of our religious literature, in the matter of formulating legal rulings through interacting with Divine Revelation.

Reading our scriptures from its very surface, without engaging in a thorough study of its various facets of thought and practice, would result in misunderstandings and worse still, misuse, that can cause undesirable outcomes. The prized methodology of deriving legal rulings from Divine Revelation deserves attention and study, as it is the imperative tool that guides us towards the unadulterated understanding of our religion, as intended by God, and as taught by The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Let’s engage with our tradition, by understanding the tools of thought required for us to connect to Divine Revelation, and identifying the full picture of the Islamic legal framework. Let’s refine our thought process.


Thursdays, commences on 3 Jun 2021
7.45pm – 9.30pm
4 weeks


Google Meet

Participants will be able to access recordings of Google Meet for a month from the final tutorial on a shared folder for revision. Subsequently, an edited version will be uploaded on our subscription-based app, AQATV.


Ustaz Taufiq Bin Radja Nurul Bahri


• There are no prior qualifications required to attend this course.
• Students are required to have access to internet on the day of tutorials.


Week 1 3.6.21 The Epicentre: The Islamic Epistemic Model
Week 2 10.6.21 Tools of Thought: Secondary Sources of Islamic Law
Week 3 17.6.21 Our Literary Tradition: The Significance of Linguistics
Week 4 24.6.21 The Dynamism of The Islamic Legal Framework


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